Android O- Features

Android O focuses on 'fluid experiences' and vitals, with new features headlining during its first public appearance at Google I/O 2017 including picture in picture (multi-windowing mode), notification dots (long-press an app shortcut to view the notification right there onscreen). There's also autofill (like in Chrome but now in apps), and Smart Text Selection (automatically … Continue reading Android O- Features


What is Magisk and how to install it

Magisk is currently the best alternative to Chainfire’s SuperSU. Developed by XDA developer topjohnwu, Magisk is in fact much better than SuperSU in some aspects. No wonder it is becoming the default choice of custom ROM developers. Unlike SuperSU which only grants or denies root permissions for specific apps, Magisk can hide root from an app … Continue reading What is Magisk and how to install it

VR and AR headset with crazy quality

A Finnish company called Varjo has unveiled a new type of VR and AR headset code-named "20/20". It supposedly has a display with "human eye-resolution" quality of over 70 megapixels whereas competitions provide around 1.2 megapixels per eye for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive It was supposedly developed by scientists that "formerly occupied top positions at Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, … Continue reading VR and AR headset with crazy quality