Nokia Zeiss partnership “What does it mean?”

Nokia in its days had undoubtedly the best cameras in the smartphone. Nokia and Zeiss were partners from a long time ago with their pureview camera and the great xenon flash.


Nokia 808 and Nokia 1020 leaded the way of smartphone camera evolution by pushing the boundaries of camera hardware in a smartphone and by pushing the megapixels to such extent that sufficed to great lossless digital zoom. The 1020’s camera was undoubtedly the best smartphone camera boasting 41 MegaPixels. Paired with the great camera was a great Procam software which was way ahead of its competitors in providing an experience that if one uses cannot forget sometime soon. It was one of those cameras that got people into clicking photos everytime and everywhere because the photos coming out of that smartphone were always great.


So that partnership is back now , cameras have since long evolved but still we are expecting them to provide with a great camera experience and dual cameras will be great along with that xenon flash. Let’s wait and see if they can keep up today as the standard of mobile photography has risen significantly.


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