Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE

After the latest note lineup of Samsung failed explosively …literally. Samsung is going to announce the refurbished Note 7 as the Galaxy Note 7 FE (Fan Edition), well in South Korea for now . 400,000 units will be sold in South Korea for now and there are no confirmation if they will sell units outside of Korea. It will officially go on sale from July 7.

It is largely the same phone . Instead of the 3,500 mAh cell that powered the original, the Fan Edition will offer a 3,200 mAh battery that is subjected to a rigorous 8-point safety test. They’ll also include the Bixby assistant software introduced with the Galaxy S8 without the annoying dedicated Bixby button.Along with each sale of the phone, Samsung will toss in a free case and an “S Pen Plus”.


Even one damage that will come with the note 7 can have very bad impact for the company. The note 8 is likely just weeks away from launch . Are you going to wait for the note 8 launch or by the note 7 instead. If there are no problems the note 7 is a pretty great device. I still think $611 is too high for a phone that is supposed to be refurbished . At that price you cab get an LG G6 or Oneplus 5 or many other devices.

Finally what are your thoughts on Samsung selling the infamous note 7 . show your reaction in the comment section below



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