Lawnchair- Pixel launcher on steroids

Lawnchair is a highly customizable Pixel launcher with a lot of useful features. Created by Senior XDA Member deletescape (Till Kottmann). It is a great launcher based on AOSP’s launcher 3 that doesn’t need root. There are a lot of new features included in this launcher that i really like a lot. It even has the google now panel when you swipe from the left of your screen.

The recent update has even brought cool new features to the table including  Android O style app shortcuts and notification badges, Some of the features are:

  • Google Now Tab
  • Pixel Pill widget with an additional voice search icon.
  • Experimental Pixel Launcher features
  • Icon pack support
  • App renaming
  • App Hiding
  • Adaptive theming
  • App tray transparency
  • Changing Icon size
  • Changing grid size
  • Save scrolling position in apps tray
  • Notification badges (Enable Notification access for Lawnchair in app setting and give special access)
  • Android O style app shortcuts.
  • Additional features

You can learn more about the launcher in this XDA thread and can directly download the apk file from github from this link.


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