Sony MDR-XB50 AP wired earphones review

Its been about a month i have been using the Sony MDR-XB50 Earphones- that’s the AP model that has the microphone built in it.

Key features

Driver – 12mm closed dynamic
Power Handling – 100 mW
Impedence – 16 ohms at 1kHz
Sensitivity – 110db/mW
Frequency Response – 4 Hz to 24,000 Hz
The cable length is 1.2 m.


They look pretty from the moment you unbox them. They have quite a heavy feel to them than our standard Apple or Samsung earpods. they look like they are made metal but they are built with plastic but still they look pretty good. The cable is also threaded i.e They are flat with linings on them which is supposed to prevent them from tangling and that works quite well. the cable length is 1.2m which is good enough. They don’t seem cheap in any way if you were worried about that.They also come with a carrying pouch and extra buds. the box is not quite great but you will only open it once

sony box

Sound quality

Now that I’ve been listening to these for pretty much 24 hours straight, I think I have a decent grasp on how they sound. Mids and treble are significantly more recessed than I was expecting, probably due to the bass overwhelming everything. It doesn’t mean that they dont give a detailed sound , you decrease the bass by a little bit on the equalizer a little bit and they are spot on.I was disappointed for them lacking basic volume control but i guess i can live with that.
So far I find the XB50 to be a very pleasant sound, with a ton of bass. And even in the low volume settings they still block background sound easily and the noise cancellation is on par with other mid to premium competitors. The size is kind of big but in no way are they uncomfortable to use.


They are still comfortable to wear for extended periods and did a better job of blocking out outside noises. If you are looking to isolate yourself from your environment, the Sony’s are a better choice than other competitors in this price range. BTW they cost about 3400 Nrs or $40 on Amazon.


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